I’m figuring it out

I’m figuring it out.

A cubicle is not a place for a human being: Fluorescent lights, attendance-based compensation and commuting to a computer are activities for machines, not humans.

Full time cubicle jobs are disappearing and the college degree that was once a requirement for them is useless, and expensive. If you have heard of the gig economy, know this: 94% of the new jobs created in the past decade were part-time.

I felt and saw the results of this. For years I sat in a box clock-watching, and waiting for the clock to strike the hour of freedom. When I turned salary, the clock-watching ended, and the time-demand increased.

There is a better way to live on this planet. There is a better way than commuting an hour to a computer, sitting all day until your body, eyes, and mind are dulled and dumbed, then *maybe* two weeks of vacation.

I set out to figure it out, diving into business, marketing, psychology, coaching and travel. But, It started with figuring me out first. So:

I quit my first job and traveled to Peru. I returned with $13 in quarters to my name, and needed to get another job. I found it, and

I quit my second job and traveled for 11 months, visiting 5 continents. I even lived in a van for a few months during New Zealand’s winter. It was transformational, and I learned my lesson of redefining home. But, I still needed a job.

I had to borrow money to pay rent, then got my third and best job.

The call to step into the unknown was louder than ever. I was tired of living my life on someone else’s terms.

I was tired of watching people forgo their dreams to instead become another cog in a wheel that no longer serves them.

I quit my third job and decided enough is enough.

I needed to figure myself out. What excites me? What motivates me? What are my true strengths?

I set off to eliminate what dulls me, and foster what excites me. I believe that there is a better way. There is a way to do what you love, from wherever you want to be.

And the only place to be is here.

What’s your story?

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