I’m figuring it out. Join me on the journey.

A cubicle is not a place for a human being: Fluorescent lights, attendance-based compensation and commuting to a computer are activities for machines, not humans.

Full time cubicle jobs are disappearing and the college degree that was once a requirement for them is useless, and expensive. If you have heard of the gig economy, know this: 94% of the new jobs created in the past decade were part-time.

I felt and saw the results of this. For years I sat in a box clock-watching, and waiting for the clock to strike the hour of freedom. When I turned salary, the clock-watching ended, and the time-demand increased.

There is a better way to live on this planet. There is a better way than commuting an hour to a computer, sitting all day until your body, eyes, and mind are dulled and dumbed, then *maybe* two weeks of vacation.

I set out to figure it out, diving into business, marketing, psychology, coaching and travel. But, It started with figuring me out first. So:

I quit my first job and traveled to Peru. I returned with $13 in quarters to my name, and needed to get another job. I found it, and

I quit my second job and traveled for 11 months, visiting 5 continents. I even lived in a van for a few months during New Zealand’s winter. It was transformational, and I learned my lesson of redefining home. But, I still needed a job.

I had to borrow money to pay rent, then got my third and best job.

The call to step into the unknown was louder than ever. I was tired of living my life on someone else’s terms.

I was tired of watching people forgo their dreams to instead become another cog in a wheel that no longer serves them.

I quit my third job and decided enough is enough.

I needed to figure myself out. What excites me? What motivates me? What are my true strengths?

I set off to eliminate what dulls me, and foster what excites me. I believe that

There is a better way. There is a way to do what you love, from wherever you want to be. 

I mean, we have smart phones and the internet. Let’s use it.



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I love helping people. Whether it’s building your brand, writing, getting your business technology off the ground, or getting dates. If you’re on my team, and I’m on yours, we are going to win.

I leverage a diverse background of business consulting, technology startups, life coaching and immersive travel to help you breakthrough to new customers, a new lifestyle, or a new story for yourself and business.

I also roast coffee in my kitchen.

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