I am a communicator. As a communicator it is my job to give you ideas so that you can reshape your life. Great communicators communicate so people can talk our efforts and make them their own and make them bigger and better than we ever could. We give our efforts so others can own them, claim them, and do all kinds of things we wouldn’t have thought of.

Curiosity didn’t kill the cat. It killed the old, boring version of the cat that had no wonder about the world.

When you’re curious you walk the world listening, wondering and questioning the grand experience of this thing called ‘life’ in order to recognize the patterns – the truths – that undergird the whole thing.

Here at the blog and podcast I share with you the ideas that have shaped my life so that you can take those ideas and make them into something even greater for yourself.

To get started, I recommend watching, or listening to Via Negativa. It’s about subtracting your way to perfection.

Watch here:

Via Negativa: Subtract to Perfection | Synergy Talks! Seattle 2017

Next, subscribe to the podcast where I interview incredible teachers, and share ideas that have shaped me. We focus on journeys through incredible adversity, and coming out the other side by finding our way into the darkness.

One of the most impactful and inspiring teachers I spoke with was Chucky Rosa. Listen to the podcast here:

Chucky’s Fight

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Today I am freelance corporate coach and facilitator delivering psychology-based performance management, management development and training to Fortune 500 clients, including Starbucks and Deloitte. I also love speaking to audiences to inspire people to birth that unborn story inside themselves.

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