There are billions upon billions of stories on this planet. And billions is a modest estimation. Every human has their own story and can create a story for every other person, animal, thing in their life.

The stories we tell ourselves shape our reality. The difficulty is realizing the difference between our inner story and the story of the outer world. The story we tell ourselves is the story we tell ourselves, and someone is else is telling themselves another story about us.

The difficulty is realizing the difference between our inner story, and the outer world. They are not the same. We all may see the same lines on a page, but only some of us read them, and those who read develop an interpretation.

What is my story? What role do I want to play? Learn to play whichever role is needed and best for a given scene:


Be like water with its ability pool and rush. Embrace the power to patiently shape the world through the millenia and harness the power to rush into the now as a tsunami.

Never cling. Depart with a graceful grip loose enough to let go into the next moment, and begin another chapter in the never ending story.

Become your story. Be water, friend.

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