#AskTimo: I just quit my job for a better one. Now what?

Have you ever quit or thought about quitting a job and worried about the repercussions? Today’s question is for you with a tricky situation from a friend in Ohio.

Dear Timo, I quit my job today and instead of getting the helpful support I was expecting from my coworkers and peers, I’m getting a lot of resentment and doubting my choices. I know you’ve been through life changes like this and was wondering if you had any advice for me…..I don’t want to regret my decision but I can’t help but feel bad.

Timo: Do they have any real reasons to be upset with you? Like, did you flip over desks, and write hate mail to your manager?

Ohio: Haha no but now I’m wishing I would have. The situation is I lease apartments for a company and I actually live in the building I lease. So not only are they salty I’m leaving but they’re salty I still live here so they want me to move out too. Im so obsessed with my apartment.. I think you’ve seen it. And the main reason I’m leaving is bc I got offered a job at a startup who’s offering way more money with better hours better pay and a guarantee of less misery lol.. if that’s even possible.

Timo: got it. Ohio, F them. That’s childish behavior on their part. You are now their customer and tenant and they should be grateful for your business. People get tribal and mix this personal and professional business wrong all the time.

You made the right choice for you. That’s all that matters. Hanging onto the boo-hoo high school bullshit from your former employer will only bring you down. You’re winning. They’re acting like losers. Keep going.

That ‘wanting you to move-out’ situation is tricky. Can you just be a tenant? In your mind -. Like, be a human and not take a step into your formal world while living there?

Are they going to break in and pee on your carpet?

Ohio: Ugh I know you’re so right but I can’t help but feel like I’m letting them down or that I owe them something. Which I know I don’t but I always end up caring too much for other people and situations in the long run


Timo: You owe them nothing. Zero. You did a great job and now you’re getting paid more, and offered a better situation. What they’re asking you for now is for you to destroy them with your success.

Ohio: Well my boss said he would have to charge me full rent….aka I have to move out bc I pay less than half of my full rent. A friend did offer their couch haha and honestly I’m not super opposed to finding a new place to live. I just am not sure if I’m making the wrong choice and should just stick it out here for a bit longer.

Hmmmm that is a good point.

Ohio: That makes sense from them. What’s more important to you: the apartment or the new gig? Is enduring the discomfort of couch surfiing or paying a bit more for a couple of months going to be worth it in the long run?

Ohio: That’s also a good point. I guess I’m not as worried about where I live as long as where I work I’m happy. I’ve been pretty miserable for way too long. Trying to save enough money to move to Hawaii to be honest. I think I could endure the couch surfing more than the flack from my current coworker.. thanks dude! Seriously helps to just weigh options and I appreciate your advice

Timo: yes! It sounds like you’re on the right road. The people who are mad are mad for their own reasons. They’re in their heads and it’s 100 percent on them. Keep the Hawaii goal in mind and all this will make sense. Live Aloha.

Ohio: Gaaahhh I know you’re right and that is valuable advice. Thank you!! I can’t help but think I’m still letting everyone down but it’s not their choice it’s mine so I just gotta peace the fuck out I guess ha

Timo: ya damn right. Own it. They’re so not aloha

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