Chucky’s Fight

“Win with what you’ve got. If you want it bad enough you’ll figure it out.”

Before our conversation, Charles Rosa had just taken a swim in the 50 degree water of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s his daily ritual and today the June water is refreshingly warmer than the winter, when the windchill falls below zero and the water below freezing.

The ocean is where the ashes of his sons Domenic and Vincent’s ashes were spread after they died of drug overdose. And the ocean is where Chucky starts his day, regardless of the weather, to connect with his sons.

Charles Rosa is a man who provides a black and white perspective of life. Live clean, or die. The choice is ours, so will you step up and live, or step aside and stubborn yourself into an early grave?

Today, Chucky is a non-profit public speaker and runs a nonprofit called Chucky’s Fight.

In this conversation, we talk about his story, his message, how he walks people through taking the plunge into the ice-cold waters, and more.

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Chucky Takes a Snowy Swim:

“Say it straight and it will never come out crooked.”

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