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“The greatest fear is always going to be your intimate relationship. That’s why the path of intimacy is ten times more powerful as a spiritual path than the path of isolation, where you go and meditate and pray. Any idiot can do that. It doesn’t take a man to do that.”

In context: Tony Robbins, talking to a man considering leaving his wife. He feels like a god when he’s playing in his band; Weak when he’s with her. Can you relate? Fire!


Chucky and I recorded an epic podcast this morning. How does he guide people into taking a plunge in the icy waters of the North Atlantic? Mindset + Breathing.

Breathe in through the nose on a 6 count

Exhale through the mouth on a 7 count, until the body indicates it needs air.

Focus on the positive: How great it is to be of service to a cause, how amazing a warm meal will be afterwards, etc.


My favorite moment of game 1 of the NBA finals last night was LeBron walking off the court post game. He walked off, with pace, first. Not because he was mad. Because he’s a leader.

LeBron was the first off the court but wasn’t the first to the locker room.

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Carl Rogers

A psychologist who Coined the term “unconditional positive regard.” When we expect the best in another person, we have a better chance of getting the best. Here’s the challenge: can you hold everyone ina positive regard equally? If you’re a business owner, can you hold your lowest performers in the same regard as your best performers? How about your first child and your fifth child?

Donald Trump

Can you hold Donald in unconditional positive regard, or does he trigger you? Does your blood boil when you read one of his tweets? Why? Unless you’re a journalist who investigates, or you are working constructively to resolve challenges within your community, how much do you really know? What’s your negative regard doing for you today?

What would happen if you flipped your perspective?

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