Eden Koz: The Journey to Just Be

One year before Eden Koz and I spoke on the podcast she found out that she had a rare infectious disease that spread from her lungs to her brain. Two brain surgeries and two near-death experiences later, Eden is a thriver who radiates positivity.

In this episode we discuss her journey of transitioning from the world of Mad Men to opening her own Meditation school at Just Be Meditation, and the role of meditation/mindfulness in her road to recovery.

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In her own words:

“Simply put… I am a strong woman with a passion for meditation/mindfulness and helping people really to connect to everything around them… their life, work, family and community. And, I have a desire to create a tribe full of like-minded warriors bent on living with heart, calmness and authenticity.”

Show Notes

  • Eden’s teacher, Dr. Neala Peake’s website.

The three ways to use to enhance meditation as a tool, to become who you were meant to be: 

  1. Meditate in a group: Group meditations tend to go deeper than an individual practice.
  2. Have a teacher: Not just anyone, but someone who you trust with your soul.
  3. Trust: When we come together in a group it’s like a microcosm of your life. If you can trust the other people in this room it resonates outside: Your work, your family, your spouse, everything.”


“I didn’t realize how much I was searching for god, spirituality and this offered that up to me.”

“We need to be incredibly conscious and aware, and if we know that there is more, that there is a higher power, that’s great, but we are here. Let’s be a human being. Let’s get grounded.”

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The Way In
Eden Koz: The Journey to Just Be

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