Meditation: Lead the body

A freewrite from July 30, 2017. Burrows Island Light Station, WA, USA

Peel away the illusions of the mind to arrive at the eternal you. The place that isn’t distracted by bodily pleasures, or hypnotic thoughts. Arrive at a place as immovable, yet fluid, as the ocean. When this fearless body is found dive into it. Roll with its waves. Fluctuate with its tides.

In the moment before pen met paper, finger met key, I procrastinated. The mind and body just didn’t feel the want to write, but here I am.

Move the body and the mind will follow. Create momentum. At first it will be like moving a rusty gear, but with movement the stiff, oxidized metals will flake away by the grinding of your daily renaissance.

The body must be able to handle the execution of bold ideas, of divine intention. A stagnant sack of water and flesh is a water logged instrument. Its song an inaudible murmur. Its flame cold and damp.

Bring fire to the body. Give it clean fuel to burn and move all its parts into alignment. Push it beyond comfort.

Let the body lead the mind, then let mind lead body.

Keep going.

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