Welcome to the inner circle, my friend! 

I will send you book recommendations, the Friday Five, high-quality articles, podcasts and strategies to help you become the best expression of yourself.

Sometimes that might be breathing techniques, and other times that might be showing you the path of DIY education.

The goal: I want to teach you to be a traveler. No, not one of those backpacking hippies (that was me a few years ago, and on weekends), but a person on the path. When we are traveling we are living a life on our terms, doing what we love, from wherever we want to be. I want to help you do just that.

Whether you want to face your fears and travel the world, or build a business doing something you love, you must step into the unknown as a bad ass warrior.

The first post should arrive soon.

Until then, subscribe to the Podcast and read a few reader’s favorites:

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