Unity Freestyle

Unity Freestyle

Like MLK Jr and Malcolm X; Ghandi and Jesus, these are the people that brought the fight to unite. Come together through love, not fear.

We are persuaded by people that look our kin. But the similarity runs deeper than the skin. We have to realize appearances are thin.

The truth is rising. Sink, or swim.

People are migrating to the cities, living more and more in close proximity.

We all look a bit different, some more different than others. There are slight differences in our blood, depending on where we are from. But, we all beat with the same heart. We all bleed. We were all born and we will all die. From birth we make believe our differences and cling to our illusory separation until our death.

Or, until we realize we are not alone. And we realize that the people we hate are the people we must learn to love.

We’ve got to begin with the differences within ourselves first. I love myself. No! I hate myself! Wrong. I love you. I love me. It’s alright to feel that way. It’s not gay. It’s not narcissistic. Love yourself, your neighbor, your partner.

What’s the problem?

It’s too easy to go and point a finger at anyone else but you. It’s easy to point at a scapegoat that isn’t in the room. It’s much easier than pointing at the person you’re always with. That person is you.

But it feels too personal. It feels too imperfect.

Yeah, it feels real. It feels like a threat. A threat to your life.

But, no one is at your door to scare you. Your neighbor feels the same way. And so does that person of that one color, or that one gender, that lives down the street or in the woods just past the river .

We need to realize that unity is the goal. Overcome this identity policing and get to the identity of the whole.

Violent language is an act of violence. The tongue is a weapon. Your keyboard the keys to a detonator.

Weapons are a separator. Let’s bind like poles and meet at the equator.

And let’s not let the regulators split us like separators.

Peace, love and Wednesday.


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