From Art to Self Sabotage

Life. “It’s just a ride…

And we can change it any time we want. It’s only a choice. No effort, no work, no job, no savings of money. Just a simple choice, right now, between fear and love.”

-Bill Hicks, RIP

It’s been a prolific week of creation here in Timonia. This week’s Friday 5 includes a bit about purpose, a big miss by small social media brands, United Airlines, and how you are sabotaging yourself.

And this Question I stole from my friend Lena’s Facebook page:

If you could stop time for one week what would do?” 

Me: I would fine tune my German to fluency. And work on setting myself free through art.

Trees – Chaos – Publish

If a tree falls in the middle of the forest does anyone hear its sound?

Unless your audiences is trees, no.

Everyone is an artist the moment they create: the moment you snap a photo. When the pain hits paper. When you pick just the right sequence of emoji’s and stickers. When you record your voice onto your phone.

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Why United Airlines is Right

“One thing that I learned from working in a bank call center after the 2008 crash, is that people do not read contracts. We sign contracts without reading a sentence. When was the last time you read the terms of service for an app update? Purchasing an airline ticket is no different.”

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A Big Social Media Miss for Small Brands

As a human being what do you appreciate more: The small business where the owner knows you by name, treats you like a friend, and gives you attention, or the big corporation that spits out vanilla messages created by a math nerd who sat in a dark room thinking about the mathematics of your psychology?

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What’s Your Purpose?

“Time moves in circles. Get stuck in a pattern and watch the clock tick. It doesn’t give a trick about what you do with it.”

I’m going to be confident in who I am to the best of my ability, and strive to improve by 1% every day.

And that 1%, compounded might move the world .0001% by the time I say a final, “Peace.”

What needle are you going to move?

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One last thing: Stop Sabotaging Yourself

From Neil Strauss: “If you are seeking advice, then clearly there is something you need help with in your life.

And if you’re only acting on what “makes sense” or “is easy” or “sounds right” to you, then you’re not actually going to get out of the hole you’re in. You’ve been doing what “makes sense” all along on some level.

I’ve found this to be especially true when it comes to human behavior: What “makes sense” and “is logical” is not always what’s actually effective.”

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