Set yourself free through your art

If a tree falls in the middle of the forest does anyone hear its sound?

Unless your audiences is trees, no.

Everyone is an artist the moment they create: the moment you snap a photo. When the pain hits paper. When you pick just the right sequence of emoji’s and stickers. When you record your voice onto your phone.

It’s the moment you hit publish, share, or send that the creation is birthed.

If a woman never births a child, can she be a mother? Yes, adoption makes this possible, but there is a break in genetic legacy. There is an association by law and love, not by love.

Once we share a creation it becomes our art and how we treat it will affect its ability to grow in the world.

It will take on a life of its own. The people will receive it, ban it, troll it, or ignore it.

And the artist must make more to stay alive.
In a world where we can work toward self actualization, we have the ability to move our life force into actualization rather than mass procreation.


We fear the chaotic imperfection and forget that chaos viewed from above is order. We need chaos for order.

We have to deliver our art to the world so we can receive feedback to continue honing our craft.

The mountains would not exist without friction. The perfection of nature is from chaos cataclysm and disorder.

The moment the friction at the meeting of colliding tectonic plates, the resistance, hits is when we have found our art.

Go where there is resistance and your rewards will be mountains.

Set yourself free through your art.

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