Mountains and Momentum

We are master extrapolators. We dream up the ultimate reality. With our imagination we can dream real an experience that has yet to manifest itself in our waking world. Athletes dream the perfect play, business people imagine a winning deal, a chef conjures up the most artful dish.

We dream of the perfect spouse, having financial success, an amazing body.

Whatever the dream, there is a distance between us and its realization. That distance can crush us with anxiety, or motivate us with purpose.

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Are you up for the challenge? Or will you be crushed by the weight of your own dream?

This is our power as humans: The ability to turn thoughts into words, words into action, action into behavior.

To succeed, to reach our dream’s summit, we must focus only on the next right step. Not step 12, or step 12,000. Step one. Every single step is step one.

To see step 12, and miss step one, is one misstep away from doom.

So with every step we move frustratingly closer, inch by inch, to the top of our mountain.

The momentum of the climb is a contradiction: We must be patient enough to see only the next immediate step in front of us, and be disciplined enough to stay motivated by the mountain ahead. Remember and forget the summit. Remember and forget the next steps.

And remember that not even the greatest mountaineer can climb a mountain in a single step.

There is no lottery that will place you on top of the mountain.

There is no pill that will give you perfect health.

There is only one step, and one breath at a time for the rest of your life.

Those who make it to the top of their mountain return with the similar message, “It’s lonely up there.” One mountain climbed, then another mountain presents itself. Another grand adventure begins from the bottom of the mountain.

Another opportunity to step into each step, allowing the mountain to shape you as your footsteps shape the snow beneath you.

It’s one word at a time to reach a sentence. One sentence at a time to reach a paragraph, a page, a chapter, a book. Then do it again until you stand on top of your own mountain of achievements and others may look up to you and say, “I want to make that climb.”

And we will tell them the same: “One step at a time.”

Let your mountain’s summit magnetize you to its summit. Let each step inch you closer to your goal. One step, one word, one breath at a time.

The Way In
The Way In
Mountains and Momentum

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