Warning: explicit content that may illicit change of being, life or thought. Contained herein are auditory medicinal musings from beyond the oort cloud.

This is a weekly podcast where I way-in with a guest, or on my own, about an idea, a journey, or a way of being.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’d be like to live life from a van, what it takes to travel the world, or how to transform your ideas into a business, you’ve come to the right place.

The way out is in.

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Episode 18: Mountains and Momentum

We must be patient enough to see only the next immediate step in front of us, and be disciplined enough to stay motivated by the mountain ahead. Remember and forget the summit. Remember and forget the next steps.





Episode 17: Meet People Where They Are

People do things for their own reasons and we are blind to what those reasons are. It’s far easier to see the shortcomings of others than it is to see our own.

We have to meet people where they are. And that’s the tough part. To meet someone where they are on an issue requires humility, and detachment from our stance. Ask yourself:

Do you care about your stance on the issue or do you care about the issue?

Episode 16: Reactive Reptiles Audio Experience

How much of your day is spent reacting, sometimes violently, to something said, seen or heard?

How many times per day are you dropping your flow to respond to an email, text message or notification? This is a concept episode to enjoy.


Episode 15: Eden Koz

Eden Koz almost died twice. And she is thriving. We discuss her journey of transitioning from the world of Mad Men to opening her own Meditation school at Just Be Meditation, and the role of meditation/mindfulness in her road to recovery.


Episode 14: Chucky’s Fight

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.




Episode 13: How to Find the Pebble in Your Shoe | And My First Vlog!


Episode 12: The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Episode 11: What is Self Love? The Masks We Wear

Everybody wear the mask but how long will it last?







EPISODE 10: Via Negativa








Episode 9: 3 Questions

Episode 8: Dr. Shawn Postma: The 4 Directions, Anxiety and Reconnecting to Our Inner Genius

The good Dr. Postma shares techniques, strategies and a tool called the Four Directions that we can use to navigate the stresses of modern life. Whether you’re interested in starting a business, finding a vision for yourself, or simply stuck, I think you will find it helpful.


Episode 7: Alma Lara on How to Dream it Real, Gratitude and Restarting from Zero

©Jennifer Boyle | http://jenniferboylephotography.com

She is the next Oprah. I’m telling you. And I think this is the closest I’ve come to tears in an interview. Alma is a real life example of how visualizing success and having the tenacity to chase your dreams can make them real. In her case – on the same day.





Episode 6: Hitchhiking the World on $10 a day

Manny is a master of travel hacking, and he has hacked his way through over 25 countries on less than $10 per day. From eating caviar from dumpsters, to being fed steak by a drunken cattle rancher, Manny weaves his way through the unseen world of the streets.


Episode 5Soul Guru and the Cafe on the Ledge

Brent Hruska is a personal trainer and coach for the mind, body and soul. His clients have dubbed him, the Soul Guru.

On this episode of the Way In, join us at the Cafe on the Ledge, as we jump into Brent’s journey of personal transformation and his mission to awaken the guru within us all.


Episode 4: Exploring the Dark Side: Sensory Deprivation and Altered States

Sean McCormick is a life coach and entrepreneur, best known for starting Float Seattle. We discuss Sean’s morning routine, antidotes to heightened levels of stress, out-of-body experiences, the importance of sleep, shamanic work, meditation and much, much more. In Sean’s words:

“If you’re unhappy, you have to be bold enough to make a change in your life.”


Episode 3: Nick Easterday, Drifting Massage Therapist

If you’ve ever dreamed of living or traveling in a van, and making a living with your hands, this episode may inspire you to make the jump.

Episode 2Steven Downey on uTusk, Everest and offering it up

Steve is the co-founder and president of the revolutionary fitness platform, uTusk. And he is climbing to Everest Basecamp to bring awareness to veteran suicides. We discuss his journey from battling PTSD, to launching a startup.

Episode 1Kay Way on Losing Her Hair and Gaining Acceptance

Entering her freshmen in college, Kay’s immune system decided that hair was the enemy. She began rapidly losing her hair until none remained. The condition is called Alopecia. We discuss her journey from hiding underneath a wig, to embracing herself & sharing it with the world.



The first man to ski from the Summit of Denali, a wandering digital nomad, and an adventurer who drove 25,000 miles from pole to pole. Plus, my thoughts on Michael Jackson.

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