Bad News About Bad Habits, Making a Mess and Doing

People want good news about bad habits

Have you noticed how people tend to tiptoe around the root of a problem? Let’s think about our friend James. He is having trouble finding a job. James spends his time watching Netflix and he is a really nice guy. His resumé sucks but he believes it’s a great resumé. His fixed mindset leads to defaulting to a defensive stance against any feedback.

This is where real friends are made. This is where the truth comes in: “Dude, your resumé is garbage, you are lazy, and you’re making zero concerted effort to make a change.”

Who is that James in your life? Is it you? Where in your life are you giving yourself good, safe news about your bad habits?
Think health, diet, career, relationships, shoe choice.

Give yourself the true news. The Trews, if you will. 🙂

“If you’re afraid to make a mess, you’ll never make anything.” — Timo Way

The creative process is messy, and if you are afraid to get dirty, you will go nowhere. Just think of a master chef — they wear aprons for a reason. If you’re afraid to enter the kitchen for fear of making a mess, what will you ever make in a kitchen-centric world?

What does trying look like?

I cannot stand it when someone says “I’ll try.” It’s like a whining Luke Skywalker failing to raise the X-Wing from the swamp. I even go full Yoda eye-roll in response. It’s probably not the best habit.

But, honestly, what the heck does trying look like? ‘Doing’ looks like movement. ‘Not doing’ looks like vegging on the couch watching another Netflix series. But, trying?

Think about it. What happens when you try? I imagine a little bit of whining, but mostly a constipated look; Like being pregnant with an idea that just doesn’t want to be born. It grows and grows and becomes more of a burden to hold. And then you collapse, cry and complain, then get shown up by a green, wrinkly alien midget. Yoda has to show you up by showing you how to DO.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you,” said Maya Angelou. And Yoda tells us to just launch it into the world by Doing.

So, please, Do. Or, Do not. There is no try.


Don’t do anything you have doubt in. Do only things you have complete confidence in. Don’t work on your shortcomings. Put your energy into accentuating your strengths. Go forth, friend.

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