Getting to Zero – Erasing $55,000 of Debt in One Year

Operation Zero
Operation Zero

$55,000 stand between me and Zero. It’s a mountain composed of student loans, credit card debt, and buyer’s remorse. I’ve spoken about July 3rd, 2016 being an independence day in my life.

But, while watching the fireworks on July 4th, I realized I am far from independent. There is still a massive obstacle that must be removed.

That obstacle is debt. And the obstacle is the way.



I never let the loans hold me back. I traveled, held jobs that paid well and had the ability to make payments.

I did not, and do not, believe in being an indentured servant during the prime years of my life. Or, ever.  I do not believe in deferring my life because I have to pay off loans.

Instead, I have repeatedly said, “Fuck you!” to the banks, universities and government who worked together to push this massive scam.

I have ignored the collection calls and the emails. I have paid just enough to have the debt collectors leave me alone.

I quit the jobs that weren’t me, fled comfort, and opted for the challenging path to freedom.

But, this year I couldn’t pay the loans anymore. If I did, I couldn’t afford rent, or food.

Now my credit score is irrelevant. The collection calls are incessant. Bankruptcy is not an option.

Unlike a mortgaged house, the bank won’t foreclose on my diploma. If they did, I’d happily let it go.

If this debt was my own, I’d have no issue with continuing to give the loan holders the finger.

But, it’s more than just my name on the loan. It’s a shared burden.

The collectors began to harass the other person who signed the loan.

Their credit started to be impacted. That’s when I began to get angry.

That’s when I began to feel ashamed of myself. But I realized in order to free myself I need to free the cosigner.

That cosigner is my mom.


It’s time for me to accept responsibility and crush this debt.

I will be taking massive action to eliminate this mountain of debt and share with you what I see on the journey.

True freedom and independence begins at zero. Being indebted financially and spiritually will hinder my ability to be a fully realized human being.

The journey out of debt, while living an awesome and inspiring life, starting with a negative balance, begins today.

I, Timo Way, will eliminate all financial debt by July 3, 2017.

And so it is.


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