Steven Downey: uTusk, Everest, and offering it up

steveIn 2011, Steven Downey returned from combat duty in Iraq, and faced a new set of challenges at home: PTSD, anxiety, depression, and weight gain.

And while he was deployed he lost his mother.

Many people would be crushed by the circumstances he faced.

In his own words:

“People give up too easily. The day you’re satisfied, you’re done.”

Today, Steven is the co-founder and president of the revolutionary fitness platform, uTusk. And he is climbing to Everest Basecamp to bring awareness to veteran suicides.

When I’m in need of inspiration, I think of Steven Downey. After listening to today’s episode, you will see what I mean.


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Topics We Cover:

•The biggest lesson he learned from his mother

•Millennials, the greatest generation — (33:54)

•Morning routines and focused reflection: Sit down, shut up and listen to yourself— (45:13)

•Mark Cuban — Don’t tell the stupid people to shut up, let them talk so we can identify them

•Meditation and how to get centered, battle depression, anxiety, and other mental challenges— (50:15)

•The American Legion, Mount Everest, being a student veteran and making the veteran community relevant — (52:17)

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The Way In
Steven Downey: uTusk, Everest, and offering it up

2 thoughts on “Steven Downey: uTusk, Everest, and offering it up

  1. Steve Reply

    It is always an honor and a privilege to share any medium with Timo. He is a life long friend and adventure in life has inspired me in many ways.

    • Timo Post authorReply

      Steve, you are a force to be reckoned with. The positivity and vision moving your actions is a beacon for our generation.

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