Nick Easterday, Drifting Massage Therapist


If you’ve ever dreamed of living or traveling in a van, and making a living with your hands, this episode may inspire you to make the jump.

Nick Easterday is a drifting massage therapist who brings bliss to the masses from the comfortable environment of his blissful blue beast.

Not satisfied with wearing a tie and spending his days in a corporate environment, Nick set off on a journey to enrich his life. Today, he is the owner of Drift Mobile Massage.

Along with van living, we discuss Nick’s philosophy of travel, his experiences backpacking the world, reframing the fear of travel’s price tag and how he has expanded his experience in life by living by the philosophy of radical self-reliance.

“There’s no roof rack on the hearse.” – Nick Easterday



  • His Fascination with Being Homeless (2:00)
  • How Nick quit the corporate life (11:30)
  • Inside Drift Mobile Massage Clinic (15:00)
  • Remodeling a van for drifting (17:00)
  • DIY RV Communities (24:00)
  • The false security of ‘comfortable’ living (30:00)
  • Adventures through Europe
  • Advice to people who are stuck behind their desk (45:48)
  • Advice for new travelers (50:00)
  • The biggest lessons learned by traveling (56:00)



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The Way In
The Way In
Nick Easterday, Drifting Massage Therapist

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    Thank you for sharing Nicks mobile massage ! Interesting story! I seriously like to massage my way through Europe one day! I think it woukd be fascinating! Kudos to you Nick!!!

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