Virtue Signalling and Locker Room Talk

“You shouldn’t make a public display of virtue until you’ve straightened up your damn life.” -Dr. Jordan B. Peterson

When Donald Trump’s ‘locker room talk’ episode leaked, I was aghast at how many guys were quick to virtue signal on all social media outlets saying things like, “No man speaks this way. Sickening. No guys speak like this in locker rooms.”

As a guy who spent time in locker rooms with many of the same post-locker-room-talk virtue signaling men, I will tell you this is false. They are lying.

And it’s concerning. Why deny this reality? Why pretend that locker room doesn’t happen in guys locker rooms? And ladies, I have heard in your court, too. It’s okay.

There is nothing wrong with recognizing, acknowledging and walking through our shadowself.

To deny our darkness, is to allow it to engulf us.

The more I’ve walked through my own darkness, the easier it has become to see it in others.

Remember what it was like to hit Senior year in High School and witness the tiny, naive Freshmen arrive for day one?

It’s the same thing later in life. We go through our stuff, figure it out and then can witness others going through that same struggle through the wisdom of our senior year lens.

High school never ends.

Reminder: Be nice to the freshmen, because to someone else you’re a freshmen, too.

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