How to Fire Your Employer With Grace

How to Fire Your Employer with Grace

Morgan, finally free.

You’re ready to quit. You’ve done the work. You’ve read and agreed with the scores of buzzfeed articles about quitting your job. Your friends and family are begging for you to finally quit, so that they can be spared of your misery.

Your Google search terms look less like, “Should I quit?” and more like, “Tell me how to quit my job.”

I’ve been there, and know that making the final decision is as difficult as deciding between drowing kittens or puppies. Both feel equally painful, but I’m here to tell you that this will be wonderfully liberating.

To help you make the jump into your new life of travel, entrepreneurship or of being a straightup flâneur, check out this five part outline and the associated example I’ve used to gracefully fire (bless) past employers.


The Outline

I. I’m Resigning

a. I’m not going to burn bridges, and want to make the transition smooth for you.

II. Thank you for investing in me

III. I’ll continue to invest in you.

IV. Thank you, thank you.

V. Goodbye



If you want to explain why you’re leaving, do it in another letter. While it may feel difficult to do, I encourage you to leave your story out of it, get to the point, and express gratitude for the opportunity:

Hi and good afternoon, [SlaveMaster]:

Please consider this as notice of my resignation. Given the type of role, I think the resignation being effective immediately makes sense, though I am open to giving a little more time. Of course, I will return all [STUFF WITH YOUR LOGO ON IT] [ON THIS DAY] at [THIS TIME], unless otherwise advised.

I want to emphasize that I am in gratitude for the welcoming culture of [BUSINESS NAME]. The people, brand and mission radiate positivity, and I foresee great success for the company. As such, I will continue to be a customer, an advocate of the [PRODUCT], and supporter of [BUSINESS NAME]’s mission.

I will continue to highly recommend [BUSINESS NAME] as a company and product to prospective customers and employees. Furthermore, I am open to being a resource for networking/leads opportunities.

Thank you again to the phenomenal people, sincere culture, and for striving for a greater purpose in business.


[Your Former Wage Slave]

Click Send

Clicking Send does not have to be done alone. One time, I shared my screen over a Skype call so that my friend could watch me click Send on the resignation email.

Once the email is away, watch how swiftly your employer moves to get you out, and to replace you. If done with grace no feelings will be hurt, but do be ready to leave as soon as you send the notice.

Stay strong and committed, my friends.

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