Reframing The J-O-B Mentality

Reframing the J-O-B mentality

Everyday, people complain about their job, their boss, or their coworker that smells like ancient narwhal musk who refuses to stay at home when they’re sick. We even go to the extent of treating a J-O-B like Voldemort: He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. That is, the job is so wretchedly unwelcome within our lives that we even refuse to call it by its name. As if the act of acknowledging its existence is too much for our overburdened soul to bear. It’s time to bust this frame.

What if instead of calling it your J-O-B job, you called it your Assignment. What if instead of viewing your boss as a malevolent enslaver of your soul, you viewed them as your Investor?

Your boss, or the company that has employed or contracted you, has made an investment in you. They believe you have the skills to crush the assignment.

An assignment is temporary. It’s a step along the path and part of your life project, no matter how dull and demeaning you’re allowing yourself to feel as a result of it.

What I propose to you today, ladies and gentlemen, is that you go out into the world -everywhere you go in the world- and let that light shine into every Voldemortian part of your life. Shine it into the places that you struggle to name: into your thankless investor’s foggy soul, and into that spreadsheet’s pivot tables.

Make people want to invest more into the greatest brand and investment opportunity on the planet: YOU.

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