Hitchhiking the World on $10 a Day

Manny on the road

Manny Marshall has been hitchhiking the world on less than $10 a day, and he has been doing it for the last 4 years.

At RawSafari.com, he shares his incredible stories from the road, rule-bending travel hacks, and tips for traveling like a pro.

Through ‘Travel Hacking’, Manny makes the obstacles presented in life  serve, rather than hinder him. So far, his tactics have carried him through 25+ countries.

He has witnessed the migrant crisis in Europe, hitchhiked from Florida to California, slept in the Sahara, and he’s still going.

From a cafe in Chiang Mai, he joins us on the podcast to discuss his remarkable journey, what it means to be resourceful, what’s in his bag, and to offer a perspective of the world that only he can provide.

In Manny’s own words:

“People just need to realize that they’re brave, right now. Just doing the things they’re doing right now requires so much courage and you can turn that courage into things that are fun as well as challenging.”

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The Way In
The Way In
Hitchhiking the World on $10 a Day

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