Soul Guru and the Cafe on the Ledge

Brent Hruska, Soul Guru

How is that so many of us can feel lost in a state of “I don’t know” as the answers to life instantly appear on a 5 inch screen?

We might be looking in the wrong place.

Brent Hruska is a personal trainer and coach for the mind, body and soul. His clients have dubbed him, the Soul Guru.

Years of training, searching, learning from masters and a transformational experience in Guatemala transformed Brent into a life of service.

On this episode of the Way In, join us at the Cafe on the Ledge, as we jump into Brent’s journey of personal transformation and his mission to awaken the guru within us all.

In Brent’s own words:

The mind is dominant in our society. When we achieve health through listening to our bodies, we are led to better understand our emotions. As we look deeper at our emotions, our body and mind EXPERIENCE the seer, the knower, the conscious awareness. This is the seat of the guru within…

Things We Mention


Energy Medicine

If you’re calling BS on reiki, try it before you knock it. Even the Cleveland Clinic offers energy healing services, like Reiki.

  • Channeling

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The Way In
The Way In
Soul Guru and the Cafe on the Ledge

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