No Excuses: Write, Design and Publish from Your Phone

It’s Friday and I had half a day less to work with. We’re heading out to the Olympic coast to hunt razor clams and my Friday newsletter is due. I know at least one person reads it, and that’s good enough for me.

They are expecting me to deliver, and so am I.

It’s time to go. Do I just drop the newsletter and say, “Oh well.” Hell no.

I have an iPhone and a data plan. And I have time.

Here’s how I wrote, designed and sent a newsletter to my email tribe from my iPhone.

First, I drafted the email in iOS notes. It’s my go-to app for writing drafts and taking notes. It’s simple, keeps the focus on writing, and syncs to iCloud.

Draft completed.

Now I needed to get into MailChimp. MailChimp’s site is a pain in the ass on mobile. And their app does not allow you to draft email campaigns. In other words, if you need to write, it’s useless. For managing stats and checking in on performance it works.

Lesson learned.

From the app I was directed to download MC Snap. MC Snap let’s you create visual email newsletters from your phone and send them to your MailChimp list. It took seconds. Because it’s visual and requires an image to send an email, I needed to find an image.

Easy. I opened up the Canva app and in seconds I created this banner using a picture I’d taken this past fall.

With the image uploaded and the message ready, all that was left was to pick one of the nice looking email templates and send the email to my list. Boom!

It was fantastically painless.

The finished product looked like this:

On the road

And because I wanted to document this, I used the Medium app to create this blog post while sitting in the passenger seat.

It is incredible how much power and versatility these phones give us.

It’s time to get to the beach and dig for clams!

What’s your excuse today?

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