Alma Lara on How to Dream it Real, Gratitude and Restarting from Zero

 She is the next Oprah. I’m telling you. And I think this is the closest I’ve come to tears in an interview. Alma is a real life example of how visualizing success and having the tenacity to chase your dreams can make them real. In her case – on the same day.

Alma moved to the USA from Mexico 20 years ago with zero english but with a vision. She shares her story about how she became a host on Televisa and Univision, and what happened when she had to restart from zero.

Today she is a transformational life coach, an author, a motivational speaker and a powerful mother who is supporting families with Autistic children. She also leads her Facebook community of 80,000 inspired chefs called ‘Que Hago de Comer Hoy’.

Alma shows us the power of our words in the story that we tell ourselves. When we choose to make our story one of positivity, and replay the a positive story about who we are, our world will change.

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In her words:

“My mission is to inspire others to create the best version of themselves, and to transform lives for the better.”



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LISTEN and enjoy:

The Way In
The Way In
Alma Lara on How to Dream it Real, Gratitude and Restarting from Zero

3 thoughts on “Alma Lara on How to Dream it Real, Gratitude and Restarting from Zero

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  2. Marisa Garcia Reply

    Hi Timo, I don’t know how well you know Alma, but I do. I met her around 16 years ago when I first came to live to Michigan. She is all the things you say and more. I have witnessed first hand everything that she talks about, the birth of her three kids, her change of life that forced them to move to Washington, all the way to the diagnosis of her son up until today. If someone motivates with example is her, thanks for providing the channel for her story to get to more people, seeing how she transforms everything around her makes me so proud of being able to call her my friend.

    • Timo Post authorReply

      Hi Marisa, what a wonderful perspective you’ve had. Alma is a force! Thank you for sharing, listening and contributing to the story.

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